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In the fall of 2005, I was officially a Monroe Community college student and to my surprise, enjoying it. Of course, the first year I was in all basic classes. But this was good, one step at a time. In the past I would try to take three, four or five steps all at once, making hasty decisions that led to unsuccessful results and deflated any confidence I had gained. Taking it slowly, one step at a time, was not usualĀ  or easy for me. But it permitted me a freedom that was unfamiliar,a freedom that came because of enrichment. Development of who I was to be could only take place by acknowledging my fear, dealing with it by going to school and applying myself to the work required and ultimately conquering it. The fear of going to school was keeping me stagnant, unchallenged and dwelling on lies that I had convinced myself into believing. Therefore, I was no longer a prisoner of my own misconception of who I was and what I could do. Instead, I was a college student learning, a person evolving and making choices to become what I chose to be. I now was on a path of becoming what God had planned for me and my heart was satisfied.

The first year at MCC was successful and encouragement came from within to continue school with an open mind and anticipating the experience to be an adventure verses a defeating stupor. The second year was a bit more difficult, but I was ready for it. The challenge was no longer overwhelming but embraced and confronted. I found things about myself I never knew and even began to value my own opinions about things. For example, one of my writing classes was humanity of the arts. I quickly found that I loved writing about art. Not the picture or the sculpture in itself but what the artist was trying to convey to his or her audience. A piece of art before would just be a picture, a sculpture, a building or even worse, a poem or piece of literature. It did not have meaning; it may have been pretty to look at but overall I found it to be boring and dull. See, I had not explored parts of myself because I had never ventured out of my comfort zone. Finding out who I was meant to be could only occur with the exposure of different things; which leads to different thinking , different actions and different results.

Auguste Rodin 1898, Hand of God

  • Do you have something you are dealing with that seems to big to handle? What is your attitude towards this challenge?
  • Are you comfortable with things or are you finding them stretching your beliefs, patience, time, and energy?
  • Have you left your comfort zone?
  • What is keeping you comfortable?
  • Acknowledge it so you can approach it, tackle it and ultimately conquer it; Unlocking who “You” are meant to be!

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