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People often ask, “What made you decide to become a  massage therapist?” This of course is a valid question to ask and one you would think is simple to answer. On the surface I could reply that I felt led to it or that I have always been a tactile, hands-on type of person who loves people.  All of these are true, but I also am a person who likes to get to the heart of the matter and go just a little deeper. How I became a licensed massage therapist did not happen by chance and it did not happen overnight. It took time to accept, time to open my mind and time to develop courage to face fears, to fail, to learn, and to grow.

In July 2003 I remember driving my three young children for the first time to family camp. The three kids and I were filled with excitement, smiles on our faces; sun shining through the windows. The breeze was lightly blowing and the tunes playing loud as we sang along. It was then that I heard my song, “This is My Desire” by Jeremy Camp. I call it my song because it spoke to my heart. It was everything I longed for. As a stay at home mom without any college education I did not know what “my desire” entailed or where my desires would even take me. All I knew was that in the morrow of my being, my desire was to give my heart to God, to follow His direction and in return, God would us me for His perfect purpose. I was willing to take whatever steps I needed to, no matter what they were, to become whatever God had planned.

Something to think about and search your own hearts;

  • Do you know what your desires are?
  • Do you have fears?
  • What might those fears be keeping you from?

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